Welcome to our Domain – An overview

Welcome to our Website

As our services involve taking English to the next level, we decided against translating our entire site. Translation is a labour-intensive process that would increase our costs and, of course, your costs. We will add some Chinese content but English will dominate.

Therefore, we would simply like to thank you for visiting our site and for those of you who do not understand English, the use of Bing Translator is our recommended option to translate other pages on our site. It will give the most accurate automated translation of English text, ahead of others such as Google and even Baidu (the best for Chinese to English translation). By adding it to your web browsers and smartphone, you will have easy access to a translation tool for online and offline use.

Automated tools (including Bing) allow you to understand the basics and are not a substitute for manual translation by a native speaker. The sentence structure, word selection and grammar are often inaccurate.

BUT, if you have a question or are unsure of any aspect of our services, you can contact us in your own language by using our contact form or by emailing us directly at tj.hu[@]oesolutions.com.hk (remove the [] for the correct email address).

We know the Chinese language and can fully support our Mandarin-speaking clients. The source English text is shown here for those seeking a comparison or an indication of our expertise.

We specialise in taking English writing to the next level, for businesses, students and individuals by our use of training, correction of errors and UK academic standards. We do not offer bulk translation solutions.

Do you use English in your business?

If you rely on someone else to provide English material, how do you know that it is accurate if you do not understand English?

Unfortunately, many service providers do not use native speakers at all, relying on automated translation tools or local so-called experts instead.

WE offer a free solution to verify your English material quality, whether it is on your website, marketing material or other documentation.

Send us a sample page for review. We will highlight the first five errors we find, provide a review and a recommendation for the future.

Which is better?

  1. To believe the service provider (or employee) is indeed an English expert or…
  2. Confirm it by sending a sample text to us for review.

Send us a sample