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Writing & Editing

Here is an overview of approximate rates for writing and editing projects. Actual pricing will depend on the project size, ongoing requirements, if any, and other specifics such as industry area (directly related to complexity), target audience and other variables.

Your project costs could be anywhere between plus or minus 15% of the examples shown below and will change according to project complexity, frequency and additional requirements.

The key thing to remember is we are not the resource for you if you are seeking budget rates. $10 or even $100 for a magazine-quality post, for example. We charge magazine rates for magazine quality. 🙂 And we don’t feel even a little bit guilty about it.

Professional services command professional rates, and ours are in line with or below average industry rates in the UK, Europe and the U.S for the same tasks.

Note: Our solutions involve the written word only. If you need graphic design, another service provider is required.

HKD is our local currency and is fixed, pricing in other currencies will fluctuate with exchange rates. If HKD pricing changes, the sheet below will be updated. For calculation purposes, we define a ‘page’ as 400-450 words in 12-point font.

Consider it a starting point, as all projects are different. Contact us for a specific quote,  indicating detailed requirements (including budget) and deadlines.

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