Pricing Guidelines

We do not have set pricing as every project has different requirements and deadlines for completion.  For volume or ongoing projects, discounts are available. Contact us for specifics.

Our Pricing Guidelines

In general, we have two pricing structures. One is based on an hourly rate and the other is based on a project rate. We believe it is more cost effective for clients to select a project rate for most tasks but for editing and other related tasks an hourly rate makes sense. Rates based on word count are available if necessary.

Any rates on this site are for indication only, unless we state otherwise. We do offer discounts for regular, volumes, student projects or those for not-for-profit organisations or government bodies. Credit terms are at our discretion, standard terms are full payment in advance if we cannot verify your organisation.

Our pricing and local currency is in Hong Kong Dollars but we will show rates in other currencies for demonstration (based on the exchange rate at the time of writing). When making payment, the current exchange rate will apply if paying in another currency. Transaction fees are the client’s responsibility.

Enquiries for business services must come from a business email account to ensure a response. Those from free email services are ignored.

In addition, as we prefer to work with professionals, please review the following pages before you make contact. Bear in mind that discounts are possible and that every project is different, with varying requirements and corresponding rates. We’re happy to quote.

Client FAQ – Contacting writers as a professional

Hire a writer and focus on core activities

Hire a writer (a bio and portfolio page)

I believe fellow professionals will understand my desire to avoid amateurs and time wasters, focusing on genuine enquiries only.  Amateurs will be offended by the  pages above and will not make contact. This is deliberate. However, you, as a professional,  are very welcome to contact us for a quotation. I will respond to all genuine enquiries within 48 hours.

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Writing & Editing

Pricing will depend on the project size, ongoing requirements, if any, and other specifics such as industry area (directly related to complexity), target audience and other variables. The key thing to remember is we are not the resource for you if you are seeking budget rates. $10 or even $100 for a magazine-quality post, for …