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As mentioned earlier, as well as owning this company, I occupy my free time writing technology and business-focused articles for various clients and publications. To date, these have included Forbes, Computer Weekly, The Street, HP, Dell, IBM, Ipswitch, ANZ and more.

If you would like to be interviewed (via Skype or email) and quoted in my future articles, join my mailing list by typing your email address in the form on the left sidebar. Then, click the ‘Submit’ button. Once you confirm this subscription, you will be among the first to receive notifications about future stories (maximum 2-3 per week). Just reply to the mail received if you’re interested. If not, ignore it.

You can unsubscribe at any time and your email address is not used elsewhere. You are never charged for inclusion in my stories as I always need expert sources. You will be fully credited (ideally with a link to your website) for all published comments and notified when any story is published. Review our Publishing FAQ for additional information.

These are free promotional opportunities that allow your company to demonstrate its expertise in technology and/or business to a new captive audience. In addition, I promote each published article on my social networks of more than 5,000 followers. Most of them are experts in their own right, and include company owners, college professors, marketers, engineers, and IT and PR professionals.


If you do not know English and are relying on a local non-native ‘expert’, how do you know that your existing content is worth reading and free from basic errors?

We can help, providing a free verification of any single sample page. We will check it and mark the first five errors we find. We will make our recommendation and then YOU can decide what to do next…  find a new provider or relax, knowing that your content is fine.