Goals & CTAs

Our Goals/Your CTAs

As a company, we made the conscious decision to avoid the ‘hard sell’ and annoying marketing techniques such as landing pages, popups, banners and flash ads. All are intrusive and only serve to annoy site visitors.

Therefore, we’d like to take the opportunity to state our goals and your call to actions (CTAs).

Our Client Base

Our aim is to serve the needs of businesses, government bodies, individuals and students.

Our Goals

Simply stated, to improve written English communication. OR, if you do not wish to enhance your English, then we can handle it on your behalf.

We offer free evaluation of a sample of your existing English material, hoping to eliminate the influence of companies that offer so-called English localisation solutions (that are provided without involving those with English as a first language) that their clients cannot verify.

Students: To prepare them for upcoming English assessment tests on writing and speaking (in some cases) whether this is for academic use or immigration requirements.

Companies and Government Bodies: To improve their written English, whether for general or business use. This can include staff training or indeed exam preparation.

Individuals: Enhancing English communication is also the aim here.

Your Call to Actions?

  • We offer a free evaluation of your English material, whether online or paper-based. Simply send us a link to it or a scanned page of sample content for review. There is no further commitment necessary.
  • If you wish to upscale or enhance your English written content or train staff in this area, contact us for a quote using the form provided. Specify what you hope to achieve and any deadlines involved. We will respond within two business days.
  • If you want us to handle your English written material, whether for marketing, branding, or any other commercial purpose such as blog posts, documentation, user guides, email processing etc., the process is the same. Just contact us for a quote. We also handle journalism requirements, press releases and other copywriting assignments. Our managing directors’s portfolio is available.

NOTE: While we offer services to students, our focus is on improvement through writing assignments and tutorials, making sure that students learn from the errors we point out. We will provide you with the means to write quality English for exams, assessment tests, college entry or immigration. We do not write assignments for students or facilitate cheating in any way for personal essays, CVs or any other documents required.