Michael O'Dwyer

Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong

Michael is the managing director and owner of Outsourced Engineering Solutions Limited in Hong Kong. He works remotely and is a prolific freelance journalist, focusing on business and technology topics.

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Hire A Writer and Focus on your Core Activities

When Should you Hire a Writer? Are you spending more time on writing that you can justify? Do you need to free up your time for other tasks such as customer support and sales? If so, you need to hire a writer. It may well be that your writing is top-notch and your only problem …

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Contacting Writers in a Professional Way – Client FAQ

What you Must Know when Contacting Writers for the First Time This page is driven from my desire to inform rather than any innate urge to highlight the BS in and around the freelance writing and journalism industries. Yes, it is for selfish reasons. Put simply, I wish to reduce the amount of time I …

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Globalisation 101 for Companies Lacking English Skills

Disclaimer: My observations on the state of English for non-native locales are based on personal experience in the Asia Pacific. I understand that there are exceptions to every rule. A minority of companies and service providers have cross-cultural or globalisation programs in place or already employ those with English as their first language to act …

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Cheap Chinese Crap – So Tired of Reading It

Recognise the Media Bias How many of us have seen news articles complaining about cheap Chinese crap flooding Western countries? I’m sure we are familiar with inflammatory articles published by journalists that ultimately failed to show the whole picture in an accurate manner. Sensationalist articles of this nature are of course very popular but few …

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