About Outsourced Engineering Solutions Limited

Outsourced Engineering Solutions Limited (henceforth OES Ltd.) is a small consultancy registered in Hong Kong.

While small, OES Ltd offers a diverse range of services that are ideal for companies, students and individuals seeking to upscale their English written communications.

Our story

I, Michael O’Dwyer, founded OES Ltd. in January 2009 with the simple aim of providing a service that simplified international trade in and out of Greater China. In the first year, it became obvious that communication was the biggest obstacle facing companies and I revised our service offerings to concentrate on remote services, eliminating shipment audits and factory visits almost entirely.

My prior experience (more than 20 years) for employers that included Com21, Flextronics, and Option Wireless (in roles such as IT, electronic debug, process, quality and after sales) meant that I had knowledge of all elements of a product’s journey, from raw materials to RMA and support. It also meant that I could set up my own company without reliance on third parties. All aspects of the business are implemented by me, apart from accounting tasks. This website and all its written content are my own work. Images are often sourced with image creators given due credit.

As a former Quality professional, I know that finding mistakes or problems does not make you popular, but this mindset is ideally suited to upscaling written English for clients.


I believe our services are especially valuable to companies and students and are designed as mutually beneficial to all. I have an outlet for my inner critic and clients benefit from my expertise in business and as a freelance technology and business journalist. The fact that I am from Ireland, the country with the highest percentage of native English speakers in the world does not hurt either.

As a frequent traveller in Southeast Asia, I am very much aware of the varying standards of English, ranging from minor errors to downright funny.

Companies that care about client perception need to ensure their written communication matches their product or service quality as errors do not create a favourable client impression.

Students or those emigrating to English-speaking countries cannot afford to ignore writing. Unless they reach a defined level of proficiency (that even those from English-speaking countries would find challenging), they are denied entry.

OES Ltd. – Location

As the founder and managing director, I, Michael O’Dwyer, work remotely in a well-equipped home office that ensures maximum time is devoted to our clients. I decided the most efficient way to operate was to register as an offshore limited company, reducing time spent in communicating with government departments and eliminating sales tax for all customers

The downside is that our registered business address is that of our service provider, who manages all of our legislative and accounting processes as well as any required tax processing in Hong Kong. But, all of our activities take place online or via email, so there is no tangible impact to our processes. Virtual offices reduces our costs and clients’ costs.

This virtual approach to company setup does not restrict growth as we have an additional team of freelancers that are called upon as necessary for large projects. Our legitimacy is easily verified online (simply search for Michael O’Dwyer Hong Kong) and the use of a .com.hk domain is only allowed by registered Hong Kong companies. Identify verification and company incorporation info is also necessary to set up a company bank account and payment options such as PayPal, Stripe and Payoneer.

Legitimacy is important as we are well aware that many ‘companies’ in this region seek to defraud unsuspecting clients. Contact us if you have any questions.