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OES Ltd. Blog – Purpose

Our aim with the OES Ltd. blog is to inform our current and future clients. We will demonstrate our expertise and provide more specifics on our solutions than is possible on the main pages of our website.



OES Ltd. – An Overview

Firstly, we have stated clearly that we are a small consultancy. We do not claim a global reach or enterprise-level environment. We have a core team of experts.

For example, the founder’s wife is a Chinese citizen and is our resident Mandarin expert. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree (specialising in English) and a Cambridge English BEC Higher certification (an advanced Business English certification). She handles all enquiries received in Chinese and allows clients from China, Singapore, Macau and Taiwan to communicate with us in their own language. In addition, she will add relevant Chinese language posts to the OES Ltd. blog.

In today’s modern world, where instant global communication is possible, it is all too easy to convey an impression that varies widely from the actual.

Scammers and those seeking to take advantage of the unwary, greedy, and susceptible among us are increasingly common.  The legislation and security protocols in place worldwide do little to distinguish genuine entities from fake. The problem grows each year.

Okay, we have indicated that we are aware of the problem but how do you know we are not just saying OES Ltd. is worthy of your business? It is a fact that many companies also use this ‘tactic’ to defraud.

Can we be Trusted? You decide…

  1. We are a registered limited company in Hong Kong. Our company information can be easily verified.
  2. Our website uses the domain .com.hk. This domain type is only allowed for registered companies in Hong Kong. Production of current business registration is required during the domain registration process.
  3. OES Ltd. has a company bank account with the HSBC in Hong Kong and a verified business account on PayPal, Payoneer and Stripe.
  4. We always provide a means of verifying our expertise prior to beginning any project. This will consist of a trial of the service offered or a proposed method of satisfying client requirements (as part of a quotation). Both methods will indicate our professionalism prior to any client commitment.
  5. Business references are available.

Why don’t we Provide Physical Address Information on our Website?

We did in the early stages but like many others, became the target of the usual amount of scammers and cold callers. We do not waste our resources dealing with the traffic involved. The registered address of our service provider (like many consultants, we work from home) is not shown on the website. But, once initial contact is made, it is on all formal documentation.
At the enquiry stage, all other contact information is provided. After initial contact, we are happy to arrange video conferencing and other methods of communication as needed.

Can we Visit your office?

No, this is not possible. Leasing an office space in Hong Kong is very expensive. The services we provide do not call for it and as a small company, our resources can be better utilised. This also allows us to keep overheads to a minimum, keep client costs down, and do our bit for the environment. All our staff (both internal and outsourced contractors) telecommute and we have not had trouble with this process to date. We enjoy working from home, only braving rush hour traffic when remote tasks require it. We spend the maximum amount of time on client projects and not on a commute to the office.

To suggest a blog topic, please use our contact form and we will cover them in the order received.

This has created no problems for our clients to date. It is only on rare occasions that we have met in person, and even then, just to visit remote sites for supplier evaluations etc. Does this reduce our trust rating? Perhaps for some, but most will realise that consultants and similar professionals all work from home. Therefore, we have not found it to be an issue.

Judge us on our professionalism and not on the presence of a physical office that would in fact just be for decorative purposes, increasing our costs and ultimately of course, your costs.

Our registered business address is that of one of our service providers, who also manages our accounts and tax liabilities.

What has the ‘Engineering’ in our Company Name to do with Written English Solutions?

It refers to quality and process engineering, both of which are important for any business process. It allows us to customise our solutions for each client in the most efficient way possible.

Post your comments and questions  on this blog but moderation on the first is necessary due to the commercial nature of this website. Restrict yourself to comments that are on-topic and relevant to this post. Our own experiences with scammers (and why we are protecting our written content) will be added later. For other suggested topics in this blog, please use our contact form and we will cover them in the order received.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy the OES Ltd. blog,
Outsourced Engineering Solutions Limited (OES Ltd. for convenience)